Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iWant one too



Artist's Comments

A tribute to the fact that Jonathan Ive (head designer for the whole iMac concept that started the come back for apple/Macintosh) started out designing toilets and combs.

[Hat tip to humblestudent88 for finding this picture]



So, we have been presented with yet another iToy in an endless pursuit of iEmbrace Myself during future iDumbification of iWant society.

In the country where manufacturing base fell from over 40% of GDP in 1980th to just slightly over 11% now we continue to believe fairly tales that we can postpone payback in the form of total collapse of the system…and not only financial system which is on life support now by iPayTaxes.


Anyhow, I just closed (AAPL) long puts Feb195/Mar185 positions which I was opening yesterday all the way in the yellow rectangle with target for today in red rectangle – long rot the AAPL.



Here is quick ($SPX) chart for your enjoyment



and I am leaving you to be bad, but “I’ll be back


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