Wednesday, September 23, 2009

“Would you like a pony?”

Yes, I am talking about that commercial with 1 grown up and 2 little girls.

3 people – none to blame, grown up is a salesman and “You don’t lie – you don’t sell” and little girls are just that – children. The answer I’d like to know is: Why grown up morons never ask “what is the cap of mortgage’s interest rate?”, “Will I be double taxed on cash for clunkers?”, “Will my Health Saving Account evaporate if I leave this job?”. Morons are universal entity – they MUST be taken advantage of. Anyhow…. market…

Interesting action today. Right in line with SPY monthly chart I posted yesterday and 1080.40 TDST weekly… SPX high today 1080.15

I wanted to post few charts, then went outside to smoke and it came upon me that I don’t want to see any more charts today. Instead – here is the riddle:

“Why Bulls need to pray for new highs not to be taken for as long as possible, especially in any months starting from October?”

[here is the hint: “monthly SPX chart and D-Wave]