Wednesday, September 30, 2009

D-wave update

just caught myself on "honest mistake" AKA eyes want to see etc...
I was on 1120 target for a while based on daily w3 of up sequence and never bothered to double check what was the final target of C of down sequence... (my software prints C right at the moment when it is "locked" and then stops)
recalculated - C target is 1113
what does it change? in terms of points – not much, 1120 or 1113 is no biggie.

But it might change MORE THAT JUST A NUMBER.
Well - wave sequence up (green) for as long as wave sequence down (red) has not completed might be just a flick and 1120 w3 and consecutive w5 1250 targets might not hold water for as long as SPX is below 1113 of C target.

And that might sync daily and weekly counts just about now.



Doe sit mean that the top for 2009 is in?  Of course not…but it bettering the odds yet a little bit more than before.