Monday, September 14, 2009

Charts Galore

Over the period of the last few weeks I have received number of emails, nicely and intelligently phrased, but still having pretty much the same meaning:

“You [DavidDT], by being bearish and fighting the trend, missing new bull market and wasting your money and energy fighting windmills”

What is fair is fair – setting aside indicators I use, it has been very difficult for any normal person with IQ slightly above single digits to buy into all this crap mainstream media feeds inept American public. (By the way – did you know that there was a close to million people demonstration in Washington right this Saturday September 12th 2009?  You did not?  No surprise here – in spite of crowd size comparable to Million Men March it has received NO coverage in mainstream media, almost NONE. PERIOD)

Now – back to the system I use. 

DeMark Indicators.

Let me ask you – how many of hundreds subscribers of FREE (that is FREE – I share information on DeMark studies which can hardly be found anywhere else on the Internet for FREE), how many have bought this book?  How many even understand the WAY to use all those whacky numbers (that is what MORONS who reviewed this book on Amazon wrote - “whacky system” – without spending time to understand the USE of DeMark indicators and interrelations between them and multiple conditional trading decisions resulting from the SAME SIGNAL, but separated by CLEAR guidelines?)

How many of you? … Exactly…

Now, on the subject of “being bearish”.  How many of you knew that SPX MIGHT go to 1120 back in July?  None, right?  Or it is easy to say NOW: “Of course we did know that”

I kept evaluating multiple scenarios, spelled out all the “IF, ELSE IF, THEN”s (former programmer here)

Thursday, July 09, 2009 – clearly stated 1120 target

Saturday, July 18, 2009 

Friday, July 24, 2009     - explained mistake I made when attempted to do short term short trade

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sometimes I even wondering – from hundreds of people who VOLUNTIRELY are on my mailing list (and many more through feedburner and such) – how many even read what I write, and if they don’t – why are they still on the mailing list and what am I wasting my time for?

Now, few charts with no explanations - for people who did buy and read this book …. oh, and for those who will “discover” affiliate link in there – use it as excuse to not to buy it.


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