Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy barbequing!

I wanted to say: “Happy Labor Day Weekend”, but stopped right when I had to – there is nothing “Happy” about it and there is no “Labor” left, not unless you live in China or India or Russia or … wherever YOUR LABOR WENT in order to make THEM ENOUGH money to lose on THEIR JUNKIE MONEY HABITS

(Cannot say that according to my sources in aforementioned countries it is any better with labor now – WE, ‘ole “good” USsA successfully plugged THEIR financial systems with our crooked “innovations”)


Here is some REAL “non-CNBC compliant” official employment data from


In simplified math it means that ONE out of SIX willing to work Americans is OUT OF WORK


P.S. Patience my friends, patience…it will get MUCH WORSE.

P.P.S. September…to remember?

FASB meetings, G20 meeting, FOMC meetings (not that I give a rat’s arse about that),180 days foreclosures “moratoriums” ending from state to state, healthcare mumbling…