Monday, September 21, 2009

Transports in trouble?

A you can see IYT has been obeying DeMArk’s TDSequential marvelously till now – do you think exception will be made this time to support statement “Recession is OVER” (I will not ask what they are smoking – I do care about my health)


Just in time for Cramer to bring on bunch of CEOs with conversational ability matching those of beauty pageants contest participants – I really enjoyed watching Mr. Bunch today answering million dollars question: “If you would go to G20 meeting – what would you tell them?”

What a bunch of crack…


watch this video – I think this is a fine example of how mass media’s propaganda works – if people can be bullied or brain washed due to the lack of brains, integrity or simply put – knowledge, media paid by people who caused the the problems on the first place will succeed and Americans might buy this BS story AKA “Everything is fine”…may be this is why American Educational system SUCKS?  There should have been a good reason why Stalin sent all educated people to Gulag!


“Expert Witness”