Saturday, September 19, 2009

I am having bad dreams…

11 In the early 21st century, all of mankind united and marveled at our magnificence as we gave birth to AI [artificial intelligence], a singular construction that spawned an entire race of machines.

The Matrix


[sounds like “global financial system to me]



Why would all the “somebody” officials climb on the podiums at the same time using “anniversary of Lehman collapse” as synonym for “start of recession” [which is as remote from truth as anything for what we don’t know explanation, or know and scared to use one] which in fact started long before with intentional pumping of “balloon money” as the only mean to keep the system on life support till the next elections.

Why would they risk their political carriers and be known in history as “worse than nobody”?  They DO know that NOTHING has been fixed, they do know that tension is building up, they know that there is nothing they can do except postponing inevitable.

Is something is about to happen they know about and they are going to use it as yet another excuse and say: “We did everything that we had to do and saved the day, but THAT was beyond our control”?

Am I paranoid? YES, indeed I AM.

Paranoia kept me alive when I had series of interviews at Deutsche Bank, not at the old Bankers Trust building at Liberty Street, but on one of the floors of The Towers and I hated those express elevators more than anything I ever used for transportation and was so uneasy during the interview that I thought they will never call me for the second one, but they did…and I did not really want to go and kept postponing dates, and then I kept dragging feet on the way in and subway was slow …and it got to Brooklyn Bridge right in time to be stopped.

Today is Rosh Hashanah, Shana Tova, best wishes to all of you and your families and more than anything I wish my bad dream not to come true.

P.S. I think I saw black helicopters above my house and WHO are those people from UTAH who are spending HOURS at my site day after day – what ANYONE can possible do at my site for HOURS???