Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Very Good Place to Start

SMH rolled over on perfected TDSetup Sell Daily few days ago, IYT rolled over on TDSequential Sell yesterday, QQQQ / IYR today on Sell Setup, SPX still needs to post higher daily close to perfect Sell Setup - most likely tomorrow / Monday, but nothing really prevents it from falling even without that since most of underlying sectors are all set to go.
Not to be novice sounding ( a lot of DeMark newbie just blindly attempting to buy or sell every signal) - corresponding D-Wave sequences on lower timeframes show apparent failure swings on most sector ETFs as between waves 3 and 5.
FXE - Sell is upon US and mighty American Peso will rise once again and then wave final goodbye to our valets.
timewise -market probably facing rude awakening and will be taught for the next 2 weeks that what goes up for no reason, fall down even faster.

P.S. As I was typing it Nikkei took a beating, mighty American Peso breaking to the upside, unless I was speaking into empty telephone last few days – no damage to your long portfolios will be done…of course all long portfolios are closed…are they?