Tuesday, September 15, 2009

That is HOW you KNOW WHEN it is OVER

“The key-word here is blackwhite. Like so many Newspeak words, this word has two mutually contradictory meanings. Applied to an opponent, it means the habit of impudently claiming that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts”.

          George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four

When you don’t know about hundreds of thousands of people demonstration in Washington DC

When all bullish analysts who has been proven wrong time and again all in a sudden appear on corporations subsidized “business channels”, all of them – at once, and say “we pulled out!” (even those of male gender in reality have nothing to pull out except for their paid imagination)

When every single Government Official of high and “have no idea what that position is about” ranks plug all TV channels with meaningless blabbering and promises of “sustainable recovery at possible slower than expected  pace with total absence of jobs” (Do we really give a flying fart about any, even “better than worse” imaginary numbers, if we have to live like beggars on running out unemployment benefits?)

When they lie all the time in spite of clear data indicating different numbers.

If ANYONE thinks that TIMING of this destined to lose propaganda campaign is random – make no mistake – it is timed as perfectly as Obama’s “Stock Market will be fine” back in March (or was it the end of February?) with MULTIPLE technical BUY signals – and that blabbering sure added fire to reversal back in March.  (Those of long time readers remember date I opened “Doom and Gloom All Long Portfolio” – March 2nd 2009, I did not do it because I heard Obama, I did it because I “heard DeMark”, so did Obama when timing his speech)

Now it is all of the same, just that “they” are TRYING to avoid unavoidable – many have tried and failed, so shall “they” this time.

“They” will NOT avoid 30% rally in USD

“They” will not avoid 50% decline of the stock market (from current levels)

Most importantly “they” will not avoid more and more people realizing that slavery has not been abolished, it just transformed and grew up in numbers, close to 95% of entire population now (“Just give ‘em enough food to stay alive and be able to work…if they lucky to have the job”) and it is not about just free labor, but in the biggest part in “paying for their (5%) excesses and mistakes”

There is a lot of things “they” will not be able to avoid.

It is no longer (if has ever been) about conservatives and liberals (that is the fight “they” want you to engage in), it is about “THEM” and “US”, about “HAVES” and “HAVENOTS”… and NO – YOUR son will NEVER BE THE PRESIDENT.

I just prey that “they” would not resort to new, yet bigger and uglier war as universal resolution for growing “internal problems”… but my prayers have never been answered yet…

Today is September 15th 2009 – mark your calendars…

At this point of time based on indicators I use AND coupled with all “High Profile Officials Media Circus” I am not certain that it will be JUST a correction and if it starts major indexes will be close to

$COMP slightly above 2080.90, but below 2160

$DJIA slightly above 9630.88, but below 9681

$SPX slightly above 1039.35, but below 1063

Down the hill from there. ( I “went out on the limb” on September 9th – counting that it was NIGHT, therefore next day’s closes had to be used for opening short positions – that what I did, we are just 7 SPX, 55 DJIA and 18 COMP points away – less than 1% from September 10th Close)


P.S. No charts today – all counts are the same, the only things that might change – Monthly SPX wB will not be completed in October, but instead wA will be extended to new lows (my target 584), where wB starts and, upon completion, huge flat multi years wC will arrive.

And on daily counts current w3 up will turn into w4 down and if I am right on monthly view – it will be gone with the wind once new lows reached.

P.P.S. Yet NEW portfolio opened - “We are fine all short” as of yesterday’s close.