Monday, September 07, 2009

Game plan for shortened week

Difficult to project action due to Labor-Less Holy-Crap-Day, so this is just one of the possible scenarios, shall SPX exceed 1038sh (well, even 1025 will severely damage this plan) – the whole plan will be discarded, losses eaten and new plan shall rise from the ashes of failed one – I have no loyalty to the trades.

Open 1017-1020 on Tuesday, going to 1023 - 1024 by 10:20AM  and closing Tuesday right under 998

Wednesday - above 1016 – that value (or Monday’s high) will be week’s high close week above 1004.09 – that is a “desirable” close in order not to cancel weekly TDSetup sell, but the way it looks now – it is HIGHLY unlikely – Weekly Sell Setup WILL be canceled and decline to next week’s lows will be followed by setting new high by the 4th week of September.

low by the end of the week, big question, but, possibly,  decline to 960+/- area (at least 980)