Sunday, September 20, 2009

$SPX update

Here is where SPX stands right now.
Weekly TDSequential Sell Countdown has been effectively canceled by new completed Sell setup - which IS an ACTIVE setup now. (there is a developing Combo Sell, but it is to be expected on new Setup and I would not pay any attention to that right now)
Prior Weekly Risk Level has been canceled. (thou it will still be acting as some support now along with prior TDSTs)
New Risk Level for Active TDSetup sell is around 1080.40
Weekly w4 up of down sequence is at around 55%retrace of w3 down.
That's all about weekly
Now, daily
On Friday 9-13-9 sequence completed (one of the most reliable sell signals)
Daily Risk level is around 1088.50 (note - 8 points higher than active weekly Risk Level)
w3 daily of up wave sequence is within the reach from my as of July 9th 1120 target - current level might do (with yet another slightly higher new high)
I expect SUBSTANTIAL CORRECTION (not P3 speaking EW terms) to start next week - in the beginning it will be muted - hourly will go into a-b-c
The final correction level would be around 950 where yet another daily up wave w5 will start and might take SPX to 1250 level (I am one consistent SOB)
I am definitely too lazy to calculate "time projection", but I might... later on.
Analysis of hourly chart hints on momentum exhaustion for current UP wave sequence since 8/24 when w3 substantially undershoot its target. w5 is exactly AT target right now, posted 13 Countdown and MIGHT complete Combo 13 Monday/Tuesday.

SPX Range Projection for Monday is 1066.34-1073.53 – I expect low to be broken and if so, it will indicate short term trend change.

As for Monday’s action – I can speculate for lower open, new high by midday and down the hill from there.
That's all folks

P.S. Oh, here is an oldie but goodies busy chart - you might dislike that channel anything you want, but it has been of a great help since mid June