Saturday, August 30, 2008

"My Fellow Americans"

Holiday Season and Election Farce quickly approaching and, since most of us have never had anything remotely resembling of healthy sense of humor, but we still need to be able to make "socially safe joke" occasionally - as a last resort majority of us turn to phrases from popular movies. Of course most popular "Show me the money" (we all love it - don't we? Money I mean) is not qualified as a joke (may be only among most limited of us) - the good choice will be comedy.

I'd like to do selection for you - these phrases would be very funny if, as a matter of fact, they would not be so sad:

"People will believe us - we are The Presidents! ...Oh well, they won't..."

"Don't do it with the liqueur - that is so George Bush"

"'Freaking'? If you have to use an 'F' word - go for the gold"

"They did not vote for me - they can freeze now"

After memorizing aforementioned jokes you might even want to watch the movie instead of "Even complete idiot can be a case picker and make money" show, and, if you do watch that movie - play scene "conversation of Presidents with family in a car pulling a trailer" few times - that is what movie was made for...