Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Energy/related ready for some prime time again?

As well as most of wildcatters, energy companies, natural gas. I will play it with most diversification possible and max potential profit on "unexpected" reversal with XLE/OIH calls (or just plain old fashioned DIG) this Thursday or Friday morning - going to be as much fun to ride it up as to watch CNBC talking heads with really long puzzled faces. As for price targets - we might expect slightly higher move up in attempt to mirror "left shoulder" from April '08 or if that is not going to happen than most likely 6-8% move.
Interestingly enough this is the very first batch of buy signals since June 23rd sell signals ( right at a time of Cramer's arrogant buy-buy-buy yelling and my "sell-sell-sell action)

[from not so sunny Martha's Vineyard ( and way less entertaining than spring break at Fort Lounderdale )]