Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Market Sectors Forecast

Below is a lazy man's product - this is what I do for myself mostly every day

KOL weekly buy
DIG buy
BBH, IBB sell
MOO buy multi timeframes
OIH buy weekly + multi
QQQQ neutral to positive
SKF 2 days buy, but mostly worked off already
SLV 3 days buy
SLX all timeframes buy
SMH most likely buy, or qqqq will not hold neutral to positive
SRS 1 day sell, 2,3 days buy - short term homebuilders
move up 1-2%, then selloff due to 3 day sell on XHB?
UNG - all timeframes except weekly - strong buy, same for USO
UYG - 1 day buy - short lived move up?
XLE ongoing buy -target 80
SPY neutral ( energy up, financials 1-2 days up(?), then down)