Sunday, August 03, 2008

Working Hard and Hardly Working

Ever since catching a bottom and an astonishing "pop" of about 40% in financials on July 16th I've been trading small positions, feeling uncertain where the next major market move is going to happen.
There is no doubts that market is in the process of vicious and short lived sector rotation in search of new leadership.

Somehow former "Titans" fell out of favor all in a sudden, just short of a blink of an eye. Oil and Nat Gas, Metals and Oil Services, Countries benefiting from Basic Materials/Fuels Hysterical New Big Thing.

Is not it amazing how easily "Former Number Ones" after just one occasional misstep lose all its psychotic speculative and academic fans and proponents?
Was that really REAL STORY and everyone truly believed it or was it just a deceitful Pump&Dump blown out of proportions by crooks anxious to take YOUR money?

It is never "different" it always ends the same way - suckers lose all their money.
It is a bear market, is MARKET and it does what it does best - takes everyone's money.
Bulls lose money, bears lose money.

But...not yet...
I think lots of unfaithful are up for a very big surprise.
(USO), (UNG), (SLX), (EWZ),(EWC) quite possible will reverse sometimes next week with (XLE) and (OIH) to join later on.

I am currently "moderately long (QQQQ)/(SMH), but I am always up for a "good game of surprise" and I will be all over potential reversal candidates the moment the bell sounds.

P.S. One thing I don't understand ( well, I don't understand a lot of things ) is how Japan (EWJ) fits into "reversal to the upside" picture

This is truly amazing and a great illustration of real "shortage of low sulfur crude in USA" - now that public sobered and realized that there never was one - crooks have to artificially create it.
"SnowMan" from TradeKing blogs wrote (quoted below):

The banks did a # on Oil but is congress going to stop them from manipulating the market with limits. No. They are busy handing the PPT 800 billion dollars to play with. So now that oil is no longer needed in the U.S. we have to ship ultra low sulfur crude to Asia. While Iran sits on 11 super tankers of oil no one will buy. Sounds like a really big shortage to me. What kills me there is no outcry from the public.