Friday, August 29, 2008

Elections 2008

What a truly magnificent achievement of democracy!
We proud that Republicans finally recognized that women have the right to be in the office!
We proud that Democrats running African-American for presidents!
We proud that Republicans recognize Senior Citizen's right to have few more Golden years - for those who have not had enough!
We proud that Democratic candidate was able to overcome "Camelot Husband" legacy (Not "Kennedy or King Arthur Camelot" style indeed)
He is so tall, she is so cute, he is so German, she ...he...

I am getting really the ANY WAY IN THE WORLD that we can be proud of someone who, finally, will combine 3 essential HUMAN qualities - the one who will be Decent, Smart and Experienced? And should we really pay any attention that such candidate will have 3 eyes? [Thou ability to walk would be really nice quality to have...]

Have a great Proud Labor Day Weekend ( just don't forget to come to work on following Saturday and Sunday)

P.S. ...or we just really happy that 8 years are about to end and we prefer to dilute ourselves that "it cannot be any worse"?