Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ugly Charts

Market is not convinced that it wants to go in any direction, ashamed to go down and not capable of going reasonable up. I think it'll be going on till the end of next week, whatever move might happen - I will not believe it - if nothing changes I expect market to move down in about 2-3 weeks. If that will not happen - I would be tempted to say that "we are mostly out of the woods" ( but not yet )

Below are 3 really ugly totally crazy pure insult for any smart Bull charts - I think stops may be set really tight and upside might be strong and sudden. I will not trade these stocks myself, I am mostly done for the year - just keeping myself "interested" - just like to make fun of bears who will see "bear flags", bottomless pits, stars aligned to perfection, distribution rising... there is a time stop on all of those - nothing good happen in a week time - they OUT! Of course as always in bear market these are slightly out of money options plays - money that can be afforded to lose.

In order from "most promising" to "most risky"