Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dojies Dance



Are we observing so familiar by prior topping formation series of dojies glued to the same level day after day? Is FujiSan's AB=CD patters going to work this time? Is Andrews Pitchfork going to stop it this time?  We might ask a lot of questions and make best guesses and place the bets to the best of our abilities.  Quarter is over, economy is in the dumpster, college graduates have no jobs, no income and $200,000 loans – is that the next one WE are going to repay?  I am holding my long puts – in a way I am glad I am not involved as much as before in intraday business – my "other initiatives" starting to come to life little by little – I guess I am growing up and stopping to put all eggs (efforts/money) in one basket.

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