Saturday, September 11, 2010

9 years of nothing, but bubbles...and counting…(in Observance of 9/11)



To all my friends who meaninglessly lost their lives in the flames of WTC - you are remembered, you are forever in my heart...

The last bubble is yet to burst – and it is not US economy…

This picture was taken few days later from Merrill Lynch’s building at Broadway 200












P.S. In my worst nightmares, in  the most surreal dreams I would NEVER imagine that I will be posting the very same "nothing, but bubbles…" post for NINE YEARS…and NOTHING will change, NOTHING, not even MEMORIAL or REPLACEMENT will be in place.

But now there is a "positive change" – instead of "BUILDING" or "DOING" we still "DISCUSSING" and "ARGUING" – when for EVERY NORMAL PERSON it is NOT ABOUT "will or will not be Islam Center close by" – it is about politicians not able to put their fecal together and decide how to fill the hole of the ground zero to show the world "WE ARE NOT AFRAID!"

P.P.S. – Have we reinforced cockpits doors? Do we have Air Marshals on every flight? Still saving some government injected money?


"au reste, après nous, le Déluge"


Madame de Pompadour

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