Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Watching market leaders

The answer I'd like to know:

"Has it ever been a time when Market Leaders were not big industrial, technology, financial, or even automobile or airspace companies, but I WANT TO HAVE THIS CRAP type of companies?" This is the nation we became???


Not MSFT, not CSCO, not X, no BA …not not not…but


Apple? Priceline? Netflix? Bide? Err.. Sorry – BIDU…?

Are we all mentally deceased???  Again? (The answer to THIS question I DO know)


Look at these charts (DeMark signals notwithstanding) and see when these companies started it ascend – few months before general market bottomed in March 2009.  These is what set us free???



2010-09-22_1716_001 2010-09-22_1716
2010-09-22_1717 2010-09-22_1717_001


And not to overlook this phenomenally successful company that will have its place in history forever…which is for average American is about 15 minutes…


enrn_timeline (CBS MarketWatch )


Of course THIS time it is different…AGAIN…

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