Tuesday, September 07, 2010

What NOW?

Today there is going to be no charts, just some mumbling and, what some might call "complaining".

Now, over 2 years after multiple government sponsored and promoted bubbles burst, after trillions of additional taxpayers money went down the drain and right into the coffers of new oligarchs, there are very few positive changes – not in employment numbers, not in artificially supported/delayed housing numbers, credit is not rebuilding – sounds like we just getting use to living in the twilight zone – we not sure where we are today and we don't want to think where we are going to be tomorrow.  Government has no ways of fixing anything, they just postponed inevitable, but for politicians "doing nothing and letting free market to heal itself" is equal to political suicide, so we can expect yet another rounds of foul play, but the final result will still be the same…just a little postponed and way more pronounced and longer lasting. 



Happy Rosh Hoshana to those who celebrate, I'll be at my Mother's house tomorrow – I am old enough to know that all we have is "our name and our word".. and OUR FAMILIES, so there might not be a post tomorrow night.


P.S. For my special bears hating friends – before calling us "bears" and shouting "buy American, buy Chevy Impala!" – Impala is made in Canada…and blinders never helped to find the way…


P.P.S. How long voices of perma bears have not been heard on TV?  I am getting really uneasy with this calm…

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