Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back from NYC

Have to apologize for my abrupt silence, I expected to be in NYC for Saturday only, but after attending Memorial Ceremony for few friends - families decided to escape for few days and we went to Pocono and I totally was unable to access my charting/trading software, and was not really in the mood to get on the internet.


It is strange how things work in this life – after my contract with TIAA-CREF ended back in 2001, I had an interview at Deutsche Bank (I do not recall exactly, but I think it was on 76th floor of North Tower).

I was very good at was I did, and additionally – I was very good at passing interviews. But something happened during that particular interview – the moment I walked in and shook manager's hand – I could not hold myself, but be nothing but rude in response to nonsense the guy was saying.  So – there was no love story there…in about 10 minutes I stood up and said: "I am not really up to wasting MY time" and walked out.  The date was …beginning of June 2001.

In few weeks I have received very nice offer from the company in Hartford, CT – short contract, 3 months, but rate was far exceeding my expectations…so I agreed.

My contract started June 19th and was due to end on September 19th 2001.


On September 12th they offered me permanent position… and I was in CT ever since (although I don't work for that company for a very long time now)


Saved by the bell? Don't know – I would probably turn down the offer to accept any position in WTC – I had business account at Morgan Stanley branch at one of the towers and I REALLY DISLIKED those express elevators swaying from side to side – I was getting see sick…plus I am afraid of heights.


Now it is time for me to stand corrected.

My statement in the "…nothing, but bubbles" post is "not entirely correct".


BUT – what I saw at the site of Ground Zero made my look again at media reports and filtering out noise – here what it is now.


Memorial constructions ARE IN PROGRESS and, according to Mayor Bloomberg, promised to be completed "on September 12, 2011, in time to mark the first decade after the Twin Towers and Tower 7 fell".


Also, 36 floors of Tower 1 have been completed as of today with 106 targeted for completion in September 2013.

Other constructions are underway as well


Next time I will have to explicitly state what "NOTHING, BUT BUBBLES" means – for me it is economy in ruins and oligarchy getting uncontrollably fatter while hard working Americans getting squeezed harder every day …

Enjoy your evening…

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