Monday, October 04, 2010

Welcome to October, Trick or Treat?

I'm going to get right to a few charts, and then I have to ski-daddle out of here for a bit. Hopefully I can be back to huddle with you all later on, as there are important events in the world of Forex this evening that Inna reminded us of before the bell. Before I post the charts I'd like to extend a HUGE thank you to our fellow TTWr, Optntdr, who has generously shared some great new tools for us to all play around with. You guys continue to astound me with the way you watch out for one another and are endlessly generous with whatever knowledge and tricks you have up your sleeves. Good on you all! :-)  And don’t forget- we have back-to-back POMOs this week, so whether or not you’ll be receiving a trick or a treat will depend on how nimble you can trade this thing.  G/L to us all, we’re going to need it.  HA! (what else is new?)  Oh!  One more thing- don’t forget that OPEX is coming up next week.  Weren’t we just dealing with this yesterday?

vix_104spx_10_4Zig’s T Chart on DAX




Just to get you in the mood….mwahahaha!

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