Monday, October 18, 2010


Well, that was quite an ending to an otherwise sleepy feeling Monday, eh? :-) We had several important things happen today, not only on the charts, but the  DeMark hits, Gann hits, the Fib hits, T-hits… the fit may have hit the shan with IBM and AAPL earnings out of the way. We still have GS in the morning, though, so let's not let our emotions get the best of us just yet. Still... markets do like to top on good news, not bad news, so perhaps the music has stopped just long enough to get some healthy pullback, which is good for both bears and bulls.  Although we had another POMO day today, I really didn't see the hallmark insta-pumping that we've seen so often before once it closed, either. But.. we have another round of that fun on Wednesday, so let's keep a close eye on potential front-running in the afternoon.  Just two charts tonight, and thanks as always everyone for all that you do during the day.  Bravissiomo!


P.S. thank you to my buddy, icojones, for correcting my spelling on Caramba.  ;-)  You’d think a Lucy Ricardo like me would know such a thing.

es_eod_10_18 nq_eod_10_18


Chart of AAPL




A little Pink Floyd hits the spot tonight.  Good trading to our FX team tonight  (imight be night-shift time again, guys?,) and to the rest of us tomorrow! 


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