Friday, October 15, 2010

Bears Last Stand

Complacency is at the record levels…just like always
TV is filled with saving of 36 (or whatever the number is) of Chilean miners (which is a very good deed of course), but dumb sheeple who cannot stop talking about miracles of modern technology and magnificent unification of mankind in the pursuit of saving few human lives…these sheeple somehow forget that at the same time for the money spent on Chilean Show hundreds of thousand children in poverty stricken regions of the world (wait… now it is HERE …in USsA!!!) could be saved from dying from hunger! Well, like George Carlin (R.I.P.) said (no, not about "people are…") – "the ONLY war that United States has never fought and will never fight is the war on poverty – there is no money in that"

Now back to our regular programming about Bull-S-It market…
Here is a chart of QQQQ…weekly – IF I would be a to set an ambush and put all Bulls out of their prosperous misery I would shake it right here right now…and DeMark counts and D-Wave kind of agree…

Daily cubes look like…oh..wait – 13 Sequential and 13 Combo are upon us…or them?

And to add to the meaningless pile of wishful thinking I'll end this post by showing SPX – Setup, COmbo / Sequential Countdowns – you name it… will it work this time?  It'd better, because my long puts position is bleeding badly and I intend to add if we close higher tomorrow! 

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