Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Quick Update

Here is daily chart from


In that post I speculated that we might see AB=CD or EW A-B-C (correctional – Thank you Trader Steve), so today target hit, plus Pitchfork almost hit, PLUS TDSetup SELL daily 9 is in place …and perfected.  These were things that might make decision /targeting easier…now here is what screws everything up enormously --- RANGE of today's candle…almost 32 /ES points!  I got thrown out of my smallish long puts position first thing in the morning (took some loss due to volatility crash), but I managed to re-open part of position about 30 minutes before close…so I did lose some money, but managed not to lose as much as I could…- that is another plus :)



On weekly chart stochastic continues to be "overbought", but as you all know – it may stay this way until all bears will go broke (since most of them already broke – this time it might work!).  On the fork side - /ES continues to walk that line up with amazing precision…


Relax, slow down, listen for some timeless pieces (I recall when I was much younger we stormed concert hall when Argerich played in my home town and tickets were sold out…we had some other values than $$$ – although I had slightly more rubles than my former compadres back then and could afford my eclectic taste in women…musicians, models…housekeepers…anybody to be exact…WAIT – I could do it without money!  Good to be young…)


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