Thursday, October 07, 2010

Don't ask questions if you are not going to like answers

Looking back at the questions I "asked" in this post as of September 9th


I see that all of the question as we know now had negative answers – and there is not much surprise to it – when bias not even reinforced by DeMark-ian logic – questions will be answered in opposite to the bias way…


Grey zone held up (nice identified "grey zone" that was – blowing my horn!)


and "is it a bear flag?" regarding crude oil was negated as well – so much for "classical chart patterns" (no wonder I stopped using those long time ago – I just flip the coin and still do opposite to what pattern tells me to do)


2010-10-07_2006 And gold travelled to the top of the channeled fork (with only momentary slowdown on aforementioned 13 countdown sell on daily)



Now – today I am not asking questions, I saw my answer on CNBS…when I glanced at the screen in the airport today – some grey haired (quite long hair and title "best of something 12 years in the row") gentlemen (looked rather unwashed to be called "gentleman" but whatever) said - "stock will continue go up forever".

Great… now I can be sue that dollar/stocks ratio will screw whatever I had left after government/bankers duet liberated me of what I had before…in favor of those who had nothing (or "all" – it is only those in the middle getting f…d…translation "forked" – and you thought … WHAT???)


I heard that song before … in Soviet Russia… : "Those who were NOBODY became EVERYTHING" or whatever appropriate translation of "International" is….

Hate politic and politicians – they only good in the same way as lawyers…on the bottom of the ocean…

Trade well

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