Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tumbling Tuesday

Okay, TTWrs, time to regroup and make sure we have our levels of support/resistance ducks in a row. This is just one day, not a trend setter and like always, we remain paranoid with regard to shenanigans ahead. I'm sure you already have the schedule memorized, but if not, tomorrow is a POMO day.

I've put up a few charts to peruse, but today is an even more special day on TTW than just a nice down move. Join me in wishing our own Humble Student a very happy birthday. She's been with TTW for a year now, and she is a fountain of trading knowledge, great humor and an all around precious person in my book. We love you, HS. Thanks for sacrificing your B'day to the Lloyd for us today. :-)

I’d also like to thank Inna and Deej for keeping us on track with the FX world at this point (or at any point for that matter.) You need to know just how essential your input really is to the rest of us, so thanks guys. Squiddy, a big thanks to you as well for keeping us aware of the volume moves on UUP- a huge clue that has really put the icing on Humble’s cake.

A few charts to add to the moving pieces pile

hg_eod_10_19 dx_eod_10_19
xom_eod_10_19 iwm_10_19
nysi_1 nysi_2

Humble Student is a big fan of classic films, and I can think of no better song for her today with a blue moon coming this week. Enjoy, my friend, and trade well tomorrow, everybody.

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