Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Good riddance of Queen’s Taxes!

I’d like to use this opportunity to stress out one more time that: “People have to be careful what they wish for”.

May be Queen’s taxes were better…who knows…we will yet to see to what extent we’ll be taxed for generations to come.

Are you ready? Are you? Nuh, not for taxes – you’ve been ready and agreed for a long time now..and already got use to “Bend over” command..from managers, government, everyone…and you are happy to show the middle finger when none is looking proudly whispering “I am an American! It is free country!”

Are you ready for another leg down on the market?  Are you listening to what Dollar is telling you? Two trading days? Right after 4th of July weekend?


$DXY - confirming move up within 2 trading days with max downside of 78.88





No matter on what timeframe I look I don't see any short term bearishness in $.
Here is an hourly chart - perfect retrace to 76% and I think it will take UUP as high as 25+



P.S. Nice that people catching up on identifying market idiots…the question is – when idiots will have some decency to run and hide?  And… people who are so smart now, Faber for one, where were they when it started and we tried to warn and were thrown rotten eggs at?  Now Faber is SMART?  Reminds me of Blodget who wrote the book in jail “How I f..d American Investors AKA bagholders while doing what Merrill wanted me to do”. Come on – bring up Gasparino – I want to hear: “Fuld is a stand up guy.  I know him.. I trust him…Grease anyone?” (Above statements are NOT exact and were “translated” for ease of reading)

Faber – why did not you speak up like I and a lot of us did BACK in August 2008?

Or 2007? 2006? Would not make you money, huh?  You ARE smart…

What if EVERYONE will stop watching CNBC for just 3 days? Will it be enough to put it out of business? What - no more DITECH commercials??? 

The answer I’d REALLY like to know: “Who is worse – CNBC or people who watch it?”

Time to get to “vacation cave” (it is about 43 feet long and weather is beeeeaaaauuutiful)