Wednesday, July 22, 2009

NASDAQ Rally to peak tomorrow?

While paying most of attention to SPX, I was keeping my eye on QQQQ as well and today interesting detail jumped right into my face.

Cubes MIGHT complete minimum requirements for W5 Up on daily chart tomorrow IF tomorrow’s close will be just a little bit higher than today’s.  It will happen at the same time as perfected TDSetup Sell signal will be completed.

Therefore, selloff/correction I expected to start tomorrow might be postponed till Friday, but it is simply amazing (speaking with Maria Bart… whatever her last name is  - saying “Amaaaaazing! CEOs are saying everything is fine” – back in Autumn of 2007.) how multiple indicators aligned on the same date!

QQQQ  11_12_2008 - 7_22_2009 (Daily)