Saturday, July 18, 2009

Disqus chatter…

[Feel lazy tonight, was reading what I was saying on Disqus today (helps to refresh my ADD corrupted memory]


RagnarDanneskjöld 8 hours ago

Wanna hear evil: People who are beginning to whisper that we are in Wave 3 of some quasimodo-type rally ; )


it might be possible but first SPX needs to CLOSE above 942.45 AND a close above 12 prior bars to confirm W3 up so far we had only 4 of such - too early to pronounce W3 up live and kicking.
if that happens - it will take SPX to 1120 in no time.


OK week, difficult to trade, but whoever thinks that becoming full time trader will make life LESS difficult - should stay in cubes :)
only have myself to blame for not spotting the rally


don't know about you ladies, but 30min chart which has been very reliable in other signals on D-wave - EVEN if it is UP wave - then pullback to 925 (in line with Mole's projection)
BUT - and I think this is what that is (in spite of RSI being in bull territory) - then W3 down if starts will take us down to 820.
Once again - that 76% retrace is the most unpredictable and painful if caught on the wrong side.
Have a great weekend ladies...
oh... and gentlemen...