Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reality Calls

“Knock  knock”

“Who is there?”

“That is your wake up reality earnings call”

2009-07-23-BRCM 2009-07-23-MSFT 2009-07-23-AXP 2009-07-23-COF 2009-07-23-AMZN

OK, that was very bad day to be short and a very good day to exit long positions.

I exited my last long calls VLO position and went “all in short” – added a lot of long puts and inverse Ultra ETFs.

Say that I am 100% net short will be untrue – I am, most likely 150% net short.

Today TDSetup sell completed (perfected) on mostly every single ETF and individual stocks I am watching. Dollar completed buy.  The only thing that complicate short trade at this point is huge highest bar of setup (which is today) and risk level is too far away.  So, I set my stop for short trade based on WEEKLY SPX CLOSE above 981.13

I even was a Good Samaritan today and put my ex-wives 401K accounts in cash – no good deed will go unpunished indeed – one of them [ex-wives] after been in cash since October 2007 asked me back in February 2009:


That dumb thing (I hope she is not reading it) does not understand that not losing 70% of your retirement = making 300% for people who knows simple math.  Oh, I did put those accounts back in equities on March 2nd (the day when I created my “end of the world” portfolio – that makes an extra 40% profit YTD with no option to be short – those f..d up 401Ks designed to suck in your money and pump stock market and GS salaries up – you know :)