Saturday, July 18, 2009

Left out Disqus’ fragment of my imagination

[posted on Disqus yesterday after midnight]

DavidDT 9 hours ago

You might have to forgive me sisters and brothers ratburgers, it is Friday night and I doubt you were drinking what Mad Russians are drinking, but do I have a good news for you!
The Bear is LIVE! Long live the Bear...ugly H&S beautiful symmetrical in its own Treasury smokikiking ... what was I drinking? - way!
Fortified by inability to CLOSE above 942.45 second day in the row that is probably one of the cleanest r/r [short] trades I've seen in a long time... like 4 days? Sleep well
(pay attention to the differences in highs marked by yellow brick road ..arrows ...who gave me THAT drink...?
AND tdst 912 from 1/9/09 right in the middle...damn - Kandinsky would not do a better crap!