Friday, June 19, 2009

Missing piece of a puzzle (S&P500 D-Wave)

One of the readers asked me in email: “Was that you intentionally omitted monthly or even yearly charts because they totally contradicted to your longer term bearish view?”

On the contrary – longer term charts make out (USA) perspective even glimmer.

Here you go – S&P500 Monthly (index was originated in 1949)

^SP500  9_1957 - 6_2009 (Monthly)

Here is zoomed version of the same chart, it clearly shows that we either in final stages of 60 years old bull market (WA of major UP) finished, we are in WB up right now (not confirmed yet) OR we just satisfied minimum requirements for Major DOWN W1 and if so – God help us.

^SP500  4_2006 - 6_2009-zoomed (Monthly)