Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bearish until proven wrong

Have received quite a few emails lately calling me names such as "unbeliever", "SOB", "stubborn" etc...

Fine with me, I have my system and until my stops (not silly stops based on fixed amounts or %, but set based on current market volatility) will hold - I am staying short.  And may be the system I use is a bad system, but I'd rather have a bad system than no system at all and CNBC on.

I cannot be long looking at this chart, no way Jose!


Crude Oil completing TDCountdown Sell 13 this very moment (overnight session)
XLF rising wedge on weekly, under TDST Resistance
AAPL daily sell under TDST Res and weekly res
FISV daily sell today
JOYG daily sell 2days ago, right at TDST Res
TNX reversal at 39.64
Why anyone would be bullish now???
Pardon me, but I only speak few languages and most of those are bad, so in my plain bad English:
I think our America is the numero uno once again - as a DUMBEST COUNTRY with DUMBEST SHEEPLE who want to be taken advantage of.
And it is not a political statement, just paraphrasing of Voltaire's "Common Sense is not so common"
P.S. /ES close tomorrow under 941.25 will confirm bearish price flip