Friday, February 27, 2009

Two "Agry" charts

Just thought "Agry" word might be a good combination for "Ugly" and "Agri"


Firstly, today's /ES ($SPX futures) cash settle close was of "some" disappointment to me.

I understand, it is last trading day of horrific month, big players are not getting involved in order not to get accused in "end of month mark up",low volume, it is easy to to move the market at any direction, but still - close under 739 is not to my liking. Unless Monday close will push /ES back into prior "risk zone" - new zone described in prior posts will be in play - it is never over until it is over...we'll see.


DuPont A.K.A. (DD)

None is looking at the "brighter side" of being supplier of agricultural  chemical/genetically modified seeds - everyone is scared of too much "constructions chemicals" exposure.

Well, it is right were it all started during the last recession back in 1990 and for long term investors (did I just said that? "Long term investors"? Oh my...) it might be an interesting play at $16-17 range.

2009-02-27-DD-MONTHLY AgFeed A.K.A. (SEED)

This is a "time decay free" play for risk averse traders. For my taste it worth 3-5% of your "speculative portfolio" and few weeks of your time.


That is all for tonight, will try to do a post on Natural Gas over weekend - it is ripe for prime time show...



Below are two charts that were sent (on the night when I posted "Down with BioTech" ) as my way of saying "Thank you" to regular Contributors of this site - to people who understand that my efforts and time spent do come at a price - not a "sticker price", but the price of my time...

Vertical red line is Feb 13th (day after email went out) - both were profiled as prime short candidates.





Have a great weekend