Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day Trading Chat Update - UP and RUNNING


    Quite a few people reported difficulties getting into the chat room, here is the best was to fix it:

  1. Register for Paltalk first

    You can do it here: (web based express works with PC and MAC and LINUX)

    Or you can download PalTalkScene (works with PC only )

  2. Chat room payment is still being processed, and since it is a free room now - it is not always open, admin needs to be logged in at all time to keep room open - that will be taken care of as soon as premium subscription kicks in - room will remain open for as long as THERE IS AT LEAST ONE PERSON IN THE ROOM.
  3. As of now (free room) - number of simultaneous users in passcode protected room = 10. That limitation will be lifted after "Premium status" confirmed. For now - "First come first served"

    Group address is

    Please, register as a member of the group.

    You can upload charts, videos, create forums' topics - since chat room does not have "history" (history/scroll back starts from the moment you entered the room and it is gone the moment you left - not such a bad idea for day trading where 5 seconds is an eternity) - forums is the best place to ask "sticky question" or post persistent information.

    Chat room address is

    Password 0212

    Add room to "favorites rooms" for easier access in the future.

    There is also a free mailing list

    Once in the room (and familiar with PalTalk interface and features), PLEASE, select font "NORMAL" color "BLACK" (In order to save your settings in PalTalk MAIN window, click "File", "setup preferences" - you'll figure it out from there. Colored fonts should be used "by community approved traders" for easier references.

    Voice chat

    I am not much of a story teller, possibly in the future I might start using that option, as of now, unless it is something of utmost importance - refrain from using voice chats in the public chat room (you can always use it in "private" out of chat room conversations with other members)

    Video - same as Voice, please.

    Room allows for high level of moderation, please, try to maintain productive trading environment at all times, bans and restrictions WILL be used after fair warning. Foul language, excessive mumbling, disclosure of ANY kind of personal information of any fellow member will NOT be tolerated.

    This private chat room is being paid for by Trading to Win - please enjoy it and let others to enjoy it as well, spread the word - we always welcome fellow traders with good ideas and never reject those who are just good listeners. Trading is difficult enough as it is - "United We Stand".