Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Updated Trade Signals as of April 30th 2008

New Signals:
DBA buy ( daily )

Shame on me - missed (EWZ) Head&Shoulder breakout - and I was keeping it on the watch list - too much excitement after FED 2:15 market action ( expected according to my yesterday's post) - what a move!

My next long trade candidate would be (ALTI), prior one (MNKD) moved up today.

And... 4 "Metals" plays I'll be watching
(ACH) - I know, it is difficult to go long aluminum with all that energy prices...
(GNA) - just like it ( lame reason)

(X) and (STLD)

And.. just to let my "acidic" personality out - tuned TV on and caught a moment on CNBC's "Fast Money" (No, I am NOT watching those...hmm...never mind... my kid all in a sudden interested in investing - she wants to get rich fast - oh my...) - anyhow - Finnerman said: "I missed the bottom in C (CitiGroup) - none can catch a bottom..."

Well, I did send her email when her loser (DVA) turned around and went up some after long loosing streak when she, "value girl" loved it ( and turned her back on it right when it was about to turn around) - CNBC never informed her of my email :_)

Now - speaking of "Bottom on CitiGroup" - next time she says something like that - forward her THIS CHART, PLEASE
(green bars are buy signals)