Friday, April 04, 2008

Intraday Market Update

NASDAQ100 components - 80% of them least to say off its intraday low and at intraday high right now as I type. SPY comp. 2 over 1 in positive territory.
Wait a sec $TRIN is 1.10?
Volume? Lame? That is the word?
SPY hitting top of clearly defined pattern at 137.50-138 area?

QQQQ right under 46.35 Fibonacci level?

Hmm.. I was REALLY bullish last 2 weeks - I am going RED HOT SHORT RIGHT NOW.
QQQQ puts, DUG "catch the bottom" position ( feeling suicidal )
added to SKF calls.
Have to note - STOPS will be set really tight. I am not used to staying in a way of irrational market. Just here to make living - not just to be right.