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Passover - not much trading

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Official name Hebrew: פסח (Pesach)
Observed by Jews, Samaritans
Type One of the Three Pilgrim Festivals
Significance Celebrates the Exodus, the freedom from slavery of the Children of Israel from ancient Egypt that followed the Ten Plagues.
Beginning of the 49 days of Counting of the Omer
Begins 15th day of Nisan
Ends 21st day of Nisan in Israel, and among some liberal Diaspora Jews; 22nd day of Nisan outside of Israel among more traditional Diaspora Jews.
2007 date sunset of April 2 to nightfall of 9 April / 10 April
2008 date sunset of April 19 to nightfall of 26 April / 27 April
Celebrations In Jewish practice, one or two festive Seder meals - first two nights in Ashkenazic tradition, first and seventh nights in Sephardic tradition, only first night for other Jews in modern Israeli tradition; in the times of the Temple in Jerusalem, the Korban Pesach. In Samaritan practice, men gather for a religious ceremony on Mount Gerizim that includes the ancient Passover Sacrifice.
Related to Shavuot ("Festival [of] Weeks") which follows 49 days from the second night of Passover.