Monday, April 07, 2008

Stock Market Sectors Watch or Farewell to the Sick Bull

As you figured out by my few latest posts - I've been eagerly awaiting market turn and today's action prompted me to run my analysis not like I do once a week on weekend ( it is a very time consuming chore ), but also on Monday night.
Right or wrong - picture is not quite rosy for hopeful Bulls ( "Hope" word does not play well with the stock market, even less when CNBC .... trying to be polite...start talking about "changed global picture, new economy" ... all the usual .... well CRAP )
Good news ( for the Bulls ) first:
Here is a list of long positions I will be opening or partially opened today:
DUG, QID, SKF, IXJ and DBA - of course except for IXJ - healthcare and DBA - soft commodities ETFs all my "long" positions are SHORT - how funny is that.

Now, short:
USO ( YES - this is the time), EFA, XLE, IGE, SLX, OIH, FXE ( good news for $?), SPY, DIA, QQQQ, XLB, BBH ( sorry biotech hopeful)

Foreworned - forearmed...