Sunday, April 13, 2008

Springtime for...

Can I be any more vague? I can try and try and try and ... I can try to do anything to not to upset faithful longs, followers, believers, always ending up at the cleaners longs...
I am in that strange state of mind - have received number of emails with very unhappy remarks such as " People like you CAUSE market to go down" - OH MY GOD! I wish I had some of that much more stupid can THAT get? Another reader writes: "Because of people like you, pessimistic, cynical, IBI MENE IBI PATRIA type - America is giving up its world dominance!" ( My Latin is very rusty, but I think it means "Where good there home country" and secondly, I think that is WAS really easy to dominate the world where there was none else competing with USA )
Anyhow - it is springtime and I had a lot to do out in the yard, therefore I'll be brief:
Steel Producers and Oil Services companies are going DOWN NOW ( long or short term I have no such POWER to know, but I am loading up on LEAP puts tomorrow morning )