Friday, April 11, 2008

GEodness Gracious!

GE? Nothing will affect the longest standing DOW component? Not even publicly known 40% of entire business been financial? Not even another 20% of other business lines depending on GE Financial? Will it be enough of the taste of the real world for HOPEFUL investors? Will it explain low volume rallies as of late? Will it finally answer the question "why stocks move up within 30 seconds 5-10% and sit flat after that on 10 times higher volume?" Is it the time to wake up again and smell...not the roses, but burning rubber of falling apart Greed Machine, Machine which is strong enough to destroy lives and financial well been of workers in order to squeeze extra penny? Anyways - why do they have 3 months of vacation in Europe? And we ( Americans) - have the right to laugh at them? ( Europeans )


P.S. It sure feel safe to be in the market on the days like today - when you short hope and lies...
Do we even wait for the stupid tax rebate/incentive knowing that Uncle Sam and Local Daddy of the Town will come right in and take away more than we got? They have an answer - for "THEM".