Friday, April 18, 2008

"Rising Oil Prices GOOD FOR ECONOMY" ( someone on CNBC )

While I was in the "process of waking up" ( which always takes enormously long time for me and the hardest thing during this process is to figure out "WHAT PLANET AM I ON"? answer ) and CNBC on ThinkOrSwim trading software was on, heard something which cheered me up and helped to shorten "wake up process".

Someone, who - I would not care less, one of those rich ma...,,... or those rich bit... hmm... women ( what is wrong with my spelling - still dizzy I guess ), that someone said:
"Rising OIL prices are GOOD for economy AND workers because those exposed to energy field will get salary increases".

Normally I am "not always in accord" with CNBC mumbling, but this time I agree 100%.
With small interpretation...
"Those exposed to energy with their FRONT END will CONTINUE to get richer, but those exposed to energy with their BACK END ( people like you and me who don't sell energy, but pay for it and everything related) will bend over even more and take it deeper then ever"

What a country - and guess what - there might be some "I can be President" types who might actually BUY THAT NONSENSE.

I, for one, urgently looked up few energy stocks I would love to short ( under certain price conditions), here they are:
(PKD), (PTEN), (BAS), (PQ).

So long, I am still not quite awake...


P.S. The answer I really want to know: "WTF (GOOG) earnings has to do with economy and how making more money on companies desperate to replace LOST CUSTOMERS indicates good times to come?"

"Common Sence is not so Common"