Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Repost from real time Members SIte

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

When it feels sooo... good....

This is when long positions have to be trimmed down, short looked up - think against the herd - you'll win on a long run.
My TV set is off - but I can hear CNBC talking head/pumpers ( they are been paid by stock market - what is going to happen with their fat checks if stocks will go to 0 [ZERO] ?)
Market IS very bullish today - I expected it and went into today' session 100% net long ( except for RIMM puts )
Was easing up on my long positions during the day, left some for tomorrow - the moment 401Ks and in kind will be used up - it is still a BEAR MARKET - do not dilute yourselves - seve some money to be wasted by your wifes :)

Agg stocks breaking out

Eased up on HNSN

Looking to buy LDK - small position

Intersting action on HNSN :) ( patting myZelf :))

Now, what is going on with FLML? huge options activities ( both sides calls/puts - I can understand that nano/bio are way to unpredictable )
In addition to that it is attempting to get above Fib 38.80 level ( so did it do multiple time a while back under not so good market conditions )
Will see

HNSN sees volume pop

and yesterday there was a HUGE calls buying - what's up?

MOS is about to break yesterday's

volume resistance - more to upside

getting one more push to the upside

After that it will depend on short covering

DBC trending up

watch commodities,metals makers, infrastructure to upside

Out of:

SLV - way slow
3/4 of position VMW - for a very nice 15 minutes profit

VMW update

Market Makers/Locals just hit stop orders hard - bought into VMW

Oil services moving off its lows

Infrastructure builders are to follow? - FWLT for example

CHINA looks very "speculative"

VMW has some shaken down accumulation, was upgraded yesterday - watching

Will add SLV

right under $160 - another 1/3 position

Trimming long positions

Cut 1/2 of:
$RUT Apr690 calls

added long
MOS 3/4 pos now
BLDP 1/4 pos

opened long
SLV 1/3 pos

Monday, March 31, 2008

Buying back into Aggs

Added some MOS, MON, POT on pullback
Added DRYS Apr65 calls


Accumulation is picking up in TIBX - good ER/CC - shaking weak hands?
VMW is way more riskier as long

AMLN about to move up intraday?

Retail Unusually strong today

PSUN, URBN and so on

Homebuilders strong

Airlines to follow?
They still in sell signal thou

SLV, GLD, USO - short?