Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trade Signals Explained

Since TRADE SIGNALS were made publicly available I have received number of email asking me to explain "what is that and how it works".  My schedule was quite hectic lately and I plan to provide some level of clarity on usefulness (if any) of these signals.

Abbreviated answer would be (for now)

  • "Sell"    - possible momentum change OR sideways consolidation
  • "Buy"    - same as above
  • "Buy C" - potential trend phase end (Might produce trend change right away or might be followed by "Momentum Phase"
  • "Sell C"  - same as above

As of today, most major ETFs are/were on track to confirm daily Sell signals (see corresponding dates on the right), but /ES (S&P500 index futures) after hours is attempting to recycle daily Sell - that tells me that instead of partial retrace of latest uptrend market might attempt to hold current level - we might see sideways consolidation for the next few days.


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