Monday, March 02, 2009

End of the world - LONG PORTFOLIO

Yes, I know, it is all bad, it is all hopeless, economy is in ruins, financials are insolvent, Obama is a lefty villain, investment bankers are criminals, houses worth more when they burnt to the ground, there is no demand for oil and it'll never come back, yada yada yada...

But today acting on what I thought was just an impulse I opened long /ES position @707.50- instead of "closing all at the market and hiding in the bomb shelter (as I mentioned in prior post) .

I have no idea if I will not change my bias tomorrow morning - what do you want - I am a spineless market listener - market will change and I will follow in pursuit of profits.

But here is what I did today after market close - I looked over roughly 500 charts and decided to create "example long portfolio" - it will be permanently displayed HERE for myself and readers to judge if I was correct in my expectations of bottom (even intermediate bottom). All securities listed were "bought" at today's closing prices - good enough for few months experiment...