Tuesday, June 10, 2008

(XLF) or "Toxic" Financials

The natural flow of events was broken on March 17th 2008.
Credibility of FED was thrown away ( there were still souls so naive who might have been confused before that day )
Hopeless believers cheered up kneeling and crying - "We saved" ("WHO" are "WE"?) and started to pour hard to get money right onto the laps of rich crooks running rotten financial institution who caused collapse on the first place. Up they went ( financial stocks) for a moment of not lasting glory and resumed torturous downdraft for another 2 months.
What had to happen back in March might just be happening now, volume, panic, babies thrown out with the water ( I might need some help here - where are the "babies" among all those "fine" financial establishments?)

Watch it now, watch it closely - now or soon might just be the time to buy into (XLF) or for greater RISK ( and may be even return ) (UYG)
I am watching, watching....holding my finger on the "buy" button

"economy is fine - it is not sinking - it is just your sick anti American imagination...and who gives a rat's ass that your money is no good here anymore" FedSpeak
"GOLDILOCKS! GOLDILOCKS!!" 300 times per show, at a rate of five "GOLDILOCKS!" per minute, or one "GOLDILOCKS!" every 12 seconds. "- that will help - as long as there is medical insurance.

"I know crap about economy"/"Who said that nonsense? - oh...I did???" McCain