Monday, June 30, 2008

Rally is coming

Well, bear run predicted in this post ( as of May 20th) "This time it's different" - NOT materialized in a timely manner and a lot of "Market Gurus" are been caught "by surprise" ...whatever.
But like all "good things" ( in term of been properly positioned for selloff ) it is about to come to an end and it looks like rally I expected by the second week of July might just come a little sooner. ( Not like tomorrow, but it's better be ready )
It is late at night now, so I just throw in few long ideas:
(TRAK), (CHB), (BOOM) ?, (IIG), (CECE), (CHINA), CORS), (GAIA), (WCI), (XING), (BZH), (ELON), (MCHX), (LEH) - a lot of homebuilders and you pick financials yourselves ( at least UYG ).

Although for NASDAQ100 "rally might be just a "kiss resistance goodbye" - I think this rally will be mostly about homebuilders and financials.

P.S. Really enjoyed watching long desperate faces of CNBC's ... well, you name them - I am in a good mood now

P.P.S. Don't forget that there is always a bear market somewhere and this time it is in "Oil and Gas Extraction" stocks. ( Post as of June 24th )