Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mr. Cramer insists "he is an idiot"? Part 2 ( Shippers)

Shipping is Shaping Up - Cramer's Lightning Round (5/27/08)

Quoted below as per Mr. Cramer:
""I happen to like the shipping industry, because I think it's making a very big comeback.""

I think it is very fortunate for Mr. Cramer that the only people who watch Mad Money are "new cannon meat for the stock market" who do not pay attention to "you WILL lose your money" disclaimer - Thank you very much Mr. Cramer and sorry poor suckers - I am gladly taking your money, day after day after day and I am not alone - professional traders, hedge funds ...everybody who knows that Mr. Cramer should not be taken seriously for "stock picking abilities" ... least to say. Although I have to give him credits for understanding the markets ... well - is it possible NOT to understand the markets to certain extent if you have been in that game for as long as Mr. Cramer was? Hmm.. sometimes it IS possible...
Picture speaks the thousand words - so here are few "pictures" for YA...
May 27 2008 is marked by ugly blue vertical line, pictures include "newfound Mr. Cramer's bright idea (SBLK)", (DRYS), (NAT) - which WAS recommended on May 27th show.
Baltic Index held up just 3-4 trading days after that show giving enough time to get out before collapse. (for SBLK you have to go few bars/days back to May 20th - it will be even scarier AND if per Mr.Cramer YOU should not take "Lightning Round" seriously, but you have to respect "good research" he did on stocks presented in dedicated segments - SBLK is the one )

SOMEONE, PLEASE, TURN OFF TV in the next house up the street - I am getting noxious